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Originally Posted by Phobia View Post
false. I've had my iphone 3g for 2 years in august.. i treat it like crap now cause im going to upgrade to the iphone 4. also, i've got a bad habit of dropping things that are in my hand occasionally.. so, i've dropped it more times than i can count, and nothing is broken on it.
Sometimes, when im riding in the passenger seat in my dads truck, i'll put it between my legs while im not using it, and i'll forget its there, get out, and it'll fall to the road, and its still golden. the only protector i have on it is invisishield too...
Umm excuse me? No it is NOT false. I know people that had this happen to them thank you. All it takes is one good fall from any distance and if it hits the screen there goes the glass. ONLY on the iPhone though. My iPod Touch 8GB 2g is pretty much indestructible though. It accidentally fell though a hole in my pocket and went down the stairs and survived.
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