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My System Specs


First of all, there is no such thing as "futureproofing". So i would recommend to use only half the budget and put the other half in the bank to be used later on.

The i7 is a dead socket, there will be no more "new" CPU's coming out. AM3 on the other hand **Should** support the next gen Bulldozer CPU's. It seems to me that you grabbed the most expensive stuff in the market...

If you are only gaming, 12GB of ram is useless. 4GB is good enough, even 2GB is enough.

What screen res do you use? There is no point in buying the 5970 if it will be used in a 1920X1080. Plus dual GPU's on one PCB isn't the best idea. - extreme power hog, nearly zero resale rate; nobody buys it (ie: 4870X2), more issues etc...

EDIT: you might as well get a BluRay drive for "futureproofing".
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