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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Zero82z View Post
Palm sweat isn't going to short-circuit an iPhone from the outside.
You seem to be unaware of the dock connector's specs, or of the concepts of electronics in general.

The Dock connector has a certain (regulated) in/out voltage on various pins, which would be shorted by immersion in water or contact with electrolytes. The voltage is fixed by the regulator, though. What this means is that when the resistance drops, by Ohm's law, current has to increase. Mind telling me what happens to a wire with too much current going through it? It catches fire. Or, in the iPhone's case, blows out a few pins in the microcontrollers and voltage regulators. (It can even blow out the board tracks linked to pins 1, 2, 15, 16, 19, 20, 29 or 30. This means your iPhone won't charge, or won't be able to transfer data, or won't be able to use a remote anymore.

All the ports (except the audio port) on your iPhone have a minimal resistance of 1kOhm. Any less than that is undefined behavior. Especially on the Apple Accessory Protocol pins (25 and 27).

So yeah, it's possible to short out an iPhone from the outside. Much like it's possible to short out any device without popping it open. Also, it's pretty much the same for any other phone or device with a useful connector anywhere (From USB to 20-pin connectors on Samsung cell phones).

EDIT : Additionally, the dock connector, due to the small pins, is really sensitive to corrosion. It should be noted that sweat is especially rich in minerals that can promote this.

You know, that device, in the end, is like any other cell phone or computer. Just electronics with (in this case) fairly good software, but still a rather vulnerable piece.

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