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Greetings one and all!

I present, for your viewing pleasure, revision 2.0 of project Helios

As per the suggestions of the community, this revision, although almost identical to the original is actually a complete redraw taking into account many oversights in the first design.

This revision see's the following changes:
- new, smaller, custom reservoirs made from 0.25" acrylic
- revised construction material from 6mm aluminum to 0.25" titanium
- altered dimensions to accommodate 420mm radiators
- completed the PSU installation and wiring configuration (not shown below)
- adjusted loop orientation for cleanliness
- altered air-flow direction
- augmented fastener design (not sown below)
- new space for SSDs, eight in total
- the motherboard try no-longer 'slots' into the bottom as it did in the first revision, instead it there is a space accentuating how it hangs from the top
- more are was taken into removing the motherboard tray, it will now easily slide out the top
- whereas before only the left side panel was removable, now they will both be totally removable (in seconds without any fasteners or latches)

*click for huge*

Here you can note the new size to allow for the 2x 420mm Rads (Hardware Labs GTX420)
The fans will be Noiseblocker PK3's (7 of them)
The new reservoirs will need to be custom made, I'm leaning towards having them mill from solid acrylic
I've also added 4x SSD racks, to-be mounted directly to the radiators, this will allow for a total of 8xSSDs to be installed.
There is exactly enough room in the bottom section to mount a stripped down and modified Corsair HX1000

*click for huge*

Apart from the rads, and the reservoirs the design is pretty much the same as it was.
All the dimensions are completely different however

*click for huge*

The airflow is now pulled from both the front ad the back.
Since there is no side window, and the components are totally exposed the air will simply vent out the bottom and the sides.

*click for PDF download*

Take a closer look, download the PDF and give the parts a once, over.

I'm really looking for constructive feed-back.
Please leave your comments or suggestions, help me improve this design and consider the unconsidered.

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Thanks again, and tune in soon.
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