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My System Specs


damn i have had lots of opportunities to take some horrible pics of blown electronics. i had a psu catch fire and shoot out sparks and smoke until the fan melted shut. the inside of that thing was a mess (much worse than the above picture)...a few months ago a guy brought me a broken pc that was diagnosed by the family 'pc expert' as having a bad psu...turns out the northbridge had no heatsink and was literally bubbly, surrounded by black charred plastic and melted almost completely out of the motherboard. and finally, about 3 years ago i got my hands on a junked system with some sd-ram in it. i took the ram out and tried it in my machine and it wouldnt post and made a slight humming noise. i pulled it out and it was so hot my thumb print melted into it, and it felt like it was foaming (or boiling) under my thumb...i might still have that one, if so ill snap a pic of it.
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