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My System Specs

Red face

enaberif - heheh, a funny guy, take it lightly. I would be pissed... but what the hell. Can you beat my pics of THAT PSU?

ATX Winner PSU, type PB300-A4S, courtesy by HoNY

CapXon caps rulez :D

Bulging sligtly and leaking Vent cap, and some nonstandard inferior Fuhjyyu caps - 1650uF 16V? OMG!
Much to my surprise, the CapXon shit caps are used in Fortron PSUs:
Svět hardware - Srovnávac* test 14 zdrojů - 1. část - Fortron FSP400-60GLN

Cptn Vortex - wow. These must be a damn bad caps. What was the brand, do you remember? Photo - too late, right?
It is not uncommon these bad caps die even w/o any usage in about year or two. The better of bad brands of caps, like Teapo, OST, VENT and such die in like 3 or 4 years. When used, then faster

Caps are designed to last 2 000 to 7 000h per type (some even more) at the rated maximal temperature 105C and with maximal ripple. Now for each 10C down from the rated 105C (for the 105C caps) does the guaranted lifetime DOUBLE (still with maximal ripple!) Hence in the absolutely WORST case:
105C - 2 000h
95C - 4 000h
85C - 8 000h
75C - 16 000h
65C - 32 000h
55C - 64 000h
45C - 128 000h
Now bear in mind, that year has only 8 544h Hence well-cooled cap has to stay alive at least 14,9 years with every parameter in limits.

If it does not, consumer has been cheated and either downright known bad cap is being used, or fake caps are bought by the company. Since people that buying caps in high volumes know a great deal more that I'm and I'm are able to spot the fakes easily, I have my doubts whatever they can claim that they "did not know" ...
"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong." - Voltaire
"I believe that all the people who stand to profit by a war and who help provoke it should be shot on the first day it starts..." - Hemingway :) my config - my caps

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