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Originally Posted by chriskwarren View Post
Interesting. The iPhone has liquid indicators placed on the outside; one near the bottom connector, and the other on the edge of the headphone jack.

Manufacturers usually put these on the inside (ie. the circuit board). Apple of course, has them there too.

Seems that if any of these indicators turn red, the warranty is void. Problem is, palm sweat can turn the outside indicators red.
Yes, yes. Given that palm sweat or any type of water-based liquid with electrolytes (which palm sweat is) can short out electronics, I would say that's fairly reasonable.

Warranties are made to warrant the consumer (hence the name) from shitty hardware that breaks because of the manufacturer's mistakes. Would you actually argue that your palm sweat dripping in the headphone jack or dock connector is Apple's fault? There has to be a certain quantity for the liquid indicators to change color, much higher than what is excreted by the palms of any person I know.

"Warranties cover up my fuckups" seems to be a common (also, wrong) belief these days.