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Default Fanboyism and brand loyalty..interesting read!

Hi all.

We all know about fanboyism, as it's taking place on every reviewers forums known to mankind...

It could be arguing to death about whether Mustang is faster/better and Camaro or whatever...

This article is fun to read, and if some fanboys could take a deep breath, read thru and analyse their "posting habits", that could be very interesting...

Fanboyism and Brand Loyalty

Quote from the article:
The truth is that you prefer the things you own because you rationalize your past choices to protect your sense of self.
So basically, if you feel like you "impulse bought" something or just didn't buy something that is the best, or if you couldn't afford the part you'd like, you start to make yourself believe you made the right choice, and argue to death with others on the forums, as a way to re-enforce your belief in yourself making the right choice...

Other quote:

Add this sort of loyalty to something expensive, or a hobby which demands a large investment of time and money, and you get a fanboy. They defend their favorite stuff and ridicule the competition, ignoring facts if they contradict their emotional connection.

Another one:

Once a person is branded, they will defend their brand by finding flaws in the alternative choice and pointing out benefits in their own.
Radeon VS GeForce (heat, Physx, folding, image quality, wattage drawn, Tesselation, cuda)
Corsair Vs the world
Intel Vs AMD (Price mostly or synthetic benchies)

Have fun!!!

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