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Originally Posted by nickpolyz View Post
Not how much money they are making, their profit margin, sales increase, and all that BS.

How they contribute to our world, treat their employees, innovate, create, change, satisfy, treat competition and consumers, etc.

I don't see how they are "exceptional" in any of those fields. Maybe if you wanted to invest in them they'd be a "exceptional" company. Go ahead and try to explain to me how they've been "exceptional" by that criteria.
Well your definition of 'all that BS' is how 100% of companies run I'm afraid.

Originally Posted by nickpolyz View Post
Do we have to meet Hitler in person to judge if he's a good person or not? I think people can learn a great deal by looking at Videos, images, descriptions, pros/cons, reviews and knowing well enough if something is a good gadget or not. This guy is trying to make the assumption that everyone who dislikes the ipad just isn't educated. Most people on this site for instance know how good a GTX260 graphics card is, for example (it's a common GPU), and people will recommend it to others even if they don't personally own it. We don't have to own something to not know stuff about it.
The iPad thing was completely different. People had their minds made up long before any reviews were out or anyone had played with it. The tech sites were flame wars whenever an article was posted. The difference between the iPad and Hitler (strange analogy) is that although we don't know Hitler we've seen the effects of his life. Everyone (tech wise) thought the iPad was either great or useless before anyone had played with it or reviewed it. And were only now beginning to see its effects. I can tell you right now that when Apple releases its next quarterly earnings report they will have made a lot of profit. They've already sold or 2 million iPads, and at lets say $300 of profit per device thats an increase of about $600 million in profits, in just 2 months. That doesn't take into the the lower sales of iTouch's and Macbooks, but those figures are minimal, so lets say $400 million in profits already, in two months. Obviously they're doing something right (marketing).

You may hate parts of the company, and I will be the first to agree with you. Their business ethics are ruthless. But when it comes to a company the innovates and changes the market, Apple is one of the first to come to mind. If someone asked the question "Which technology company has changed our generation the most" the answer would almost certainly be Apple. They have a different type of innovation.

Although they weren't the first to come up with the design for the iPod, iPad, heck, even OS X, they took what existed, changed it slightly, coupled it with great marketing, and released products that every company on the planet would kill for (iPod, iPhone, and iPad).

Are they perfect? no. Is there a lot of room for improvement when it comes to their ethics? yes. But don't pretend that they aren't a game changing company, and two parts of your 'good company' thesis are innovation and change.
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