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My System Specs


I am also looking at the K52JR, but as you have encountered no one has a comprehensive list of each model. I was able to look at each model using my work's supplier list, but even it didn't have everything listed. I'll see if I can get a copy of the list on Monday and hopefully shed some light on all this. Asus sure doesn't make it easy. It shocks me that they don't list the individual models, as these are quickly becoming some of the best bang for your buck laptops out at the moment.

Oh, I am looking specifically at the K52JR-X4, specs list it as having the i5 450, ATI 5470, Blue Ray, and HD screen. However even that model number has shown up in reviews with different specs. I have yet to find the model wit the i5 540, as if I am going to buy one of these, I want the best specs I can find. I have access to it at cost, through work so why not.
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