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My System Specs

Default core i5 750 + hd 5970 water cooling build [in the process of ordering]

So I'm thinking about setting up water cooling for my i5 750 and hd 5970. I currently have the i5 750 oc'd to 4.01ghz and my hd 5970 to 950/1300.

I'm thinking about getting this kit: Swiftech H20-220 Apex Ultima XT Universal CPU Liquid Cooling Kit - DirectCanada and this gpu block: - Buy Ek Water Blocks EK-FC 5970 Nickel Plated Full Cover Radeon HD 5970 GPU Block G1/4 - 3831109835142 In Canada..

My question is, will the stock rad be enough to handle the heat produced by the cpu and gpu or would I have to get a bigger rad?

Also, if possible I would greatly appreciate it if someone could put together a list of parts along with prices for a custom WC setup. Thanks!

Here's my system specs:

CPU: core i5 750
GPU: hd 5970
RAM: g.skill ripjaws 2x2gb
MB: asus p7p55d-e pro
PSU: seasonic m12d 850w


I've decided on the parts to get and here they are:

Pump: Swiftech MCP655
RES: Swiftech MCRES MICRO Rev 2
CPU Block: EK Supreme HF [ordered]
GPU Block: EK FC 5970 Nickel Plated Plexi [ordered]
Tubing: Swiftech 7/16" ID [ordered]
Barbs: Bitspower G3/8 1/2" (if I get thermochill rad), Bitspower G1/4 1/2" x 4 [ordered]
RAD: Thermochill PA120.3 [ordered]
Additive: Swiftech Hydrx water additive [ordered]
FANS: 2xNoctua P12 [already have], 1xYate loon D12SL-12 [ordered]

Total cost: $489

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