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Originally Posted by chriskwarren View Post
Does not matter if you like the government or not, they make the rules and they decide of Apple is "legal" or not.

What would not be fair would be if the government changed the rules on Apple mid-game, and made their practices illegal. This would affect their business model negatively, which would be unfair IMO.

Do you agree?
Sure I agree. Though even if they make the rule it doesn't mean that in depth they are right.

Again, like most of the population, they just don't know squat about what they are really talking about and just plow through whatever breaks their small net of perfectly crafted illusions of good and bad, the society itself and how we should think.

If any of the above can be remotely affected, they go berserk on whoever poses a threat to their system and of course ideas falling out of their ideal of conformity is a direct threat to them and their control over people.
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