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I agree, looks fantastic, but hopefully it's taking where the original left...invisible war was horrible...
Hopefully, they won't "abuse" on the nanotech (a la Crysis)...I enjoy bio-upgrades and stuff like that, hope they'll keep it real. The story seems solid....conspiracy theories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so will we need Crossfire HD5970s or SLI GTS480 to play this? Or because of the fact it's made by EIDOS, that made a LOT of console games in the last few years, it will be a dumbed down version on the PC?

I need a pick me up after the fail of C&C4 and AVP3.
Agreed...I'm disappointed in AVP.
I'm also disappointed in iD software for crapping on us, postponing the release of RAGE to somewhere is few years and not supporting Dedicated servers.....when even Carmack let's you down, you're hurting.
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