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I don't post here often anymore, but thought I'd share my "dream build". It's a work in progress, and I will try my best to report back regularly... as always, I'm open to any and all feedback, although I probably won't listen ;) Cheers!

*editted Nov. 7, 2011


MOBO: EVGA Classified SR-2
CPUS: x5650s
PSUS: 2 x Silverstone Strider ST1000F
RAM: 6x2GB Corsair Dominator GT DDR3-2000
HDS: 2 x Intel x-25m 160GB SSD
CASE: I purchased an anodized black MountainMods Extended Ascension w/ pedestal, horizon 10 back panel and the SR-2 motherboard tray. I ordered 2 custom panels, both for the front of the case. The pedestal front is "blank", as I will modify it to hold my controller/rheostat setup for all of my fans. The front of the Ascension was modified to fit four 360 rads horizontally.


FANS: 20 x Gentle Typhoon (1450rpm).
PUMPS: 6 x Laing DDC w/ EK tops (3 loops, redundant, serial)
RADS: 5 x HW Labs SR-1 360
BLOCKS: EK Supreme LT (CPUs), EK Acetal/Nickel (GPUs), MIPS POM/Nickel (MB, RAM)
MISC: Matte black Bitspower compression 1/2ID 3/4OD, Black Tygon R3400

Some teaser pics:

I cringe when I see this box and my PSUs lying in the corner :( Sleeving suxxorz.


WORK KANG: Silverstone SG03 | EVGA x58 Micro w/ 920 @ 4.2Ghz | Sapphire 5970 | 12GB Dominator DDR3-2000 | 240GB Revodrive X2 | SilverStone ST650F
MINI KANG: BitFenix Prodigy | Asus P8Z77i Deluxe mITX w/ 2600K @ 4.5Ghz | EVGA GTX 680 2GB | 8GB Vengeance DDR3-1866 | 2x Intel 160GB SSD | Corsair AX650
KANGZILLA: Custom MM Ascension | SR-2 | 2x X5650 | 2x SilverStone ST1000F | 2x Intel 160GB SSD | 15x 120mm rads | Under construction...

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