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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Eldonko View Post
To name a few:
Plug in USB devices?
View Flash content?
Install apps that arent in the app store?

Maybe these things arent important to you but they def are to me. Especially if Im spending $1,000 on a stupid tablet lol. Yes they come to $1,000 in Canada if you get the good one..
You could always get the USB add-on
Using VNC you can
Multitask with back grounder
No HDMI yet but you can get a composite AV cable for the iPad/iPhone.
Photos? Not sure what you are asking here but the iPad is great for viewing photos, and there are some cool photo editing apps.
The cydia store is a cool place to install apps that aren't in the app store. Anyone that wants a tablet do do more than what apple wants you too is obviously nerdy enough to know how to jailbreak (clicking one button)

No seriously besides flash what do people want to use a tablet for?
To draw the iPad is one of the best.
To write the iPad is one of the best.
To watch movies/photos/music the iPad is awesome. I have a media server and stream my videos to the iPad using air video. If I am on the road I use my phone to tether and can still steam 720P movies over 3G.
To play games the iPad is great.
To surf the internet the iPad is great (unless you want to go to a flash website)
To check email the iPad is great.
Reading books the iPad is awesome.
The iPad is great for VNC.
For comics or magazines the iPad is great.
The iPad is great for instant messaging.
It is getting some great music software for creating music.
It is awesome for checking the weather.
It is great for education and is getting better over time. Wish I had one back in school.
It is so awesome for medical students with the hundreds of great apps on it.

The iPad is a very good tablet and most of you are under estimating it. Everyday tons of software is coming out that make it better and better. I can only imagine what we will be able to do with it in the years to come.

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