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My System Specs


Originally Posted by hohohee View Post
hey i tried that number and it work. it took me to setting. now i want to ask if this is normal.....

wireless channel = 11

wireless restriction:
- wireless radio enabled
- access to lan allow all wireless client
- access to wan allow all wireless client

wireless security:
- encryption type = disabled

is that normal? it looks weird to me cause i remember few years ago i set the the "wireless radio" to disabled.

is the "wireless radio" is the one where i allow/block neighbors laptop to access my internet?
The wireless radio setting just controls whether the router actually broadcasts a signal. In order to control access to the network, you need to enable wireless security. If you're connected to the router over ethernet (not wirelessly), you should try securing your connection using WPA (or WPA2). This will make it so that a password is required to connect to your router and access your connection.
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