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this loop has not been in use long enough to need cleaning unless something was done wrong. so i am wondering why are you pulling it apart. and the easiest way to drain a loop is from it's lowest point what every that maybe ( pump form the looks of it ) just to let you know a good loop setup should not need any maintenance this early and if you are have temp issue's then you 'll need to pull the blocks apart.

I have seen crap in loops that are just nasty and if that gets stuck in the block yes normally hot water will work but not all the time.

still in puzzlement why you pulling this apart so early. ( unless your just turning into a water cool freak who needs new parts and the only way there going in there is under water so what is it ) have fun and try to remember paper towels can save your butt.

hint hint don't rock your case too much if you change parts as much as i do then the case is going to die from all that rocking if you can try running your loop outside of the case with stand alone molex power makes things real easy and yes daz i know about draining a loop from the res the only problem with that is have to rock the crap outta your case adn the rivets will come lose i know i have had it happen on every case i own. it has killed 4 cases already and now my haf

have fun chrisK that 's all that matters.
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