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Default ATI PhysX hybrid

Hey everyone,

I'm thinking of throwing a small (single slot only!) nvidia card into my rig for a little bit so I can see the difference PhysX makes. My 5870 will be the main GPU and I'll run strictly PhysX from the card (or however the hybrid thing works).

Do you think a 9500 GT will be enough to do the PhysX calculations (unless hybriding allows the ATI to do it). I don't want to spend any more than $100 since I'll be just briefly using it while playing Arkham asylum and then just keeping it out of the case as a spare GPU when checking friends systems or if my 5870 blows....

Your input is always appreciated, thanks again everyone.

PS: Looked at used ones and am wondering did anyone other than XFX use black PCBs in this period? There are a lot of ugly greens and reds out there lol
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