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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
My question is....when did 12inches become "tiny"? I USE a tablet PC (actually a real tablet laptop that is both a tablet and a laptop all in one). It has a 12inch screen...and I play games, watch movies...hell even do some of my reviews on it! Trust me it aint small. Will a true tablet only be perfect for all occasions? Doubt it. Nothing is this world is perfect for all occasions....BUT with an actual USB port on it you can plug in anything you need to make it "better" without needing a adapter. ;)

TBH the Apple and Asus/MSI/etc designs are for different markets....just like ALL Apples and ALL PCs are for different markets.

Agreed. I have a HP Touchsmart TX2 1224ca that has a 12.1 screen. It is NOT tiny at all. It is actually the PERFECT size for my reviews and stuff as well.
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