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Dashock.. all a recovery disk is bring the laptop to its original state and should install most of the drivers, personally if you don't have one, I find a waste of time making one.

Besides half of us IT Pros (or you can say, users who have moderate knowledge in computers) know our ways to install windows and get drivers installed, make backups. If I were you, would just get a good backup program and keep doing weekly backups (or system restore).. so you have all your important files backup, and since the OS/apps/drivers can all be installed fresh, don't make a recovery disk. Rather use the product key at the back of the laptop, download an ISO of Win 7 Home Premium or whatever you got, and install from fresh.

Even better I give you.. ABR (Activation Backup and Restore) | download and follow the steps, for Win 7 download the beta.. like mentioned the product key should be different.. with Win 7 you don't have to type a product key during install, and using this utility, you wouldn't even have to reactivate. I used it myself, very useful tool.

Now that is just a personal suggestion, you could take it or leave it (and get K.O'ed and then take it :p).. As far as drivers go, download the drivers before hand, at least the network card/wireless card drivers and then the rest can be downloaded from lenovo's site.
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