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My System Specs

Default Video capture card recommendations?

Hey all;
Looking at buying some video capture cards for work. Probably end up buying 2-4 cards. Here are my requirements:

Running on C2D E8400 (3.0GHZ), 2GB of ram, and Intel graphics. HDDs vary in size, as our image is changing so I am not sure of how much HDD space will be available soon.

1. PCI - speed is important. Multiple users will be using the machines throughout the day, so anything that can speed up the process is useful. machines do not have PCI-E slots.

2. Multiple inputs - various devices will be connected to the capture card.

3. Bundled software is not a real concern. Adobe Premiere Elements 7 will be used as we already have licenses for it, and that is what will be used. These cards will also help create projects in Lightwave and Maya.

4. Budget is not a real concern. Spending between $50 to $300, but if the $300 solution is superior, we will do it.

5. Support: I prefer to stick with a well-known brand.

I though about going with a Hauppauge HVR 1600 TV tuner, but it is not most suitable. If I can buy it at Canada Computers in Ajax, that would be wonderful.
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