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Question 5870 Bios Flash

I have been experiencing the occasional system lockup with green vertical bars with my Sapphire 5870 VAPOUR-X OC card while playing BFBC2, Portal and Metro 2033. I downclocked the memory to ATi reference and still would get a system lockup, only in gaming. Increased the card fan speed. Uninstalled drivers using driver sweeper. Tried various drivers, the latest being 10.5 My system is stock. See system specs. I've been reading a lot of forums trying to find a solution. I finally put in a ticket to Sapphire explaining what was going on and they suggested I flash the Bios on my card to a newer version which they sent me. Has anyone else tried a Bios flash? What have your results been? Did the problem get fixed? I haven't flashed a video card Bios before so I am a being a little cautious about jumping into this right away.
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