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Alright Zero82z,

Thanks for being straight up.

Check this out...Hardwaresecrets (Gabe) mentions this in his review...

This power supply uses a PS223 monitoring integrated circuit, which is in charge of the power supply protections, like OCP (over current protection), over voltage protection (OVP), under voltage protection (UVP) and over temperature protection (OTP, not implemented on this unit).
When linking to that PS223 gizmo chip's PDF... there some "apparence" of OCP???

Any good? I have no clue, as it's really deep into electronics...

Gabe also loaded the XFX 850 up to 996Watts and stated:

Below you can see the maximum we could pull from this power supply with it still working within specs. If we tried to pull one more amp from any of the outputs the ripple would go out of range, showing that the power supply stopped working correctly. The idea behind of overload tests is to see if the power supply will burn/explode and see if the protections from the power supply are working correctly. This power supply didnít burn or explode.
I know you participated into these discussions on Xtremesystems on this testing also. I want to replace my aging Antec TPIII 650 by this (it's on it's way ).
If there is no OCP, technically, there is a chance that is the PSU blows, it takes everything with it right?
Now I have only one 5870. but plan to buy another one down the road and probably get a i7 platform next year.

I'll never go crazy and start adding a lot more. it would have been nice if XFX could've come clean and told people that a possible rev1.1 would correct the OP situation.

Now, how come neither HWC nor Jonnyguru pointed out that the darn PSU had no OCP ? Jeez, Jonnyguru gave it a 9.5/10 (well Oklahomawolf) almost kneeled down in front of the PSU to hail at it, sacrificing a goat to the XFX 850 god...(kk figure of speech).

I'm NOT happy.
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