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Originally Posted by Delavan View Post
I read all kinds of nice reviews on this PSU (M12D clone). THEN I seen the one from OC3D:


It's the famous review where the OCP FAILED or wasn't working?
There is no OCP. That's how they turned the M12D into a single-rail unit. They removed the OCP that divides the single +12V source into two separate rails. However, since they weren't too bright, they didn't bother implementing any OCP on that single rail, which is why the PSU exploded. Twice. It's a design flaw, albeit one that you are EXTREMELY unlikely to encounter.
Originally Posted by Delavan View Post
Is OC3D'S methodology to blame?
No. They did a good thing in performing that overload test. It's important to know that there is in fact no OCP, even though the average person will never have to worry about it.
Originally Posted by Delavan View Post
Should I return the PSU (not even unboxed/unwrapped) to NCIx and pick something else?
No. It's still a very good PSU, and unless you'll be overloading it by 100W (in which case it would be silly to get an 850W PSU in the first place), you have nothing to worry about.
Originally Posted by Delavan View Post
As the XFX 850 is basically a M12D, does that mean that the same test would cause the M12D to blow up like this also?
No. The M12D has OCP as I explained above.
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