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Initial impressions:

The outside shell is eye catching but not a finger magnet. The Speakers are impressive.

Couple of worries : Looking at unboxing of other Ideapads on Youtube there were blue film protection on both the screen and the surrounding keyboard. Mine had a plastic film around the top by the speakers and a thin piece of cloth on the keyboard to protect the keyboard and screen i presume. Film protection around the screen would have been nice but thankfully nothing happened to the screen.

Update: I dont know if the lady got the wrong email but i did not receive anything so i had to end up calling again thought id do the manager approach but was told managers are all busy. So i decided to give this 3rd rep a try and see if he could solve the problem and he did he gave me the link to Lenovo India who magically have the user guides for both Y460 and Y560 available.

Lenovo Ideapad Support & downloads - User Guides and Manuals

That is the link to the Lenovo India this issue seems to be only for the Y560/Canada as they are blaming having to send both French and English versions and claim they want to make it easier for people to having the user guide available online. I do not know about the rest of you but i prefer to have a hard copy of a user guide.

Anyways back to work. Update tommorow with pictures.
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