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If you mean the i7 860 that certainly is possible but I don't know if I find the extra costs worth it. But I think that's mainly a decision I have to make myself.
The socket 1366 is a different story though. I'm unsure if it's worth it. Decent mobo's seem to cost more than 200 euro's. Looking at the processors, the i7 930 is also priced pretty high.
As for OC'ing if the MOBO is user friendly and clocks a little within safe margins I'm satisfied. As for a CPU cooler people seem to recommend a Scythe Mugen which can be bought for like 30 euro so that's no problem. I could purchase one later if I get to the point where I want to OC. Let's first get a stable stock rig running (I'm a first-time builder).

The hardest part for me is the MOBO. I really don't know what to look for. I'm not too fancied by Sata 6 and CF but USB 3 seems nice. I read though that the Gigabyte MOBO puts the primary PCI-e slot at x8 when USB 3 is used. So that seems a nono for me. Don't know how that is with the ASUS boards. It seems to be a limitation of the 1156 socket but I'm not too worried though.
I am a little afraid of the Foxconn socket issues though.
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