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My System Specs


Originally Posted by SugarJ View Post
If their hardware is like Shaw's here, they come and hook up some filter or repeater in your line. Once it's installed, the cable modem will only work on one outlet in the house. If you move it to another outlet, they have to come move the thing in the box.
Sounds like a possibility. Nobody seems to disclose what exactly the installer did though.

Originally Posted by gingerbee View Post
wicked to hear the girl i was talking to although very friendly she was unsure about the cable stuff. and once again with the off topic a few questions for you what's your average torrent speeds I know it';s a real subjective question. oh who i am i kidding i am going to go teksavvy and pray it works out. remember i have to network in 2 other heavy end user's who try it there damnedest to mess up there computers ( we can hit 1 terabyte in a month ) not most but sometimes it's up there
I can do up to the full 5Mbps (540KB/s) on torrents in so-called off peak hours. Same goes for upload (80KB/s). Granted you can't do both at once as you need some free upload bandwidth to have proper communication. I typically keep my upload capped at 60KB/s. Apparently using port 1723 with forced encryption can help ease the throttling. Not sure though. You can also do single-link MLPP to work-around the throttling.
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