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Originally Posted by gingerbee View Post
the cable is a resale of rogers they only throttle uploads to max 80kb's this is why you don't see any problem use some throttle checkers online there's many that work and it will tell you that in fact there throttling it's just so high that most don't notice it. this is why i wanted there cable because i have rogers that is the same it just cost me 130 a month which is bullsh!t. I talked to a tech this morning again to confirm this but it sucks she said that orillia is not even on the list so ia m screwed all i can get is there dryloop dsl ahhh i want to kill rogers. minirant over
From what I understand, they are not re-selling Rogers. They are installing their own hardware in all the POIs (thus why only certain parts of ON are online currently) which then hooks up into their network and uses their peering back to the Internet. This is why the $2 fee increase came to DSL Premium, to help cover all the costs of buying this equipment for cable apparently. IF they were merely re-selling, you'd surely have access, and every place that Rogers has coverage.

If they were reselling Rogers, I don't think the prices/bandwidth would be where it's at.

And my DSL is all fixed up, so we can use this thread for whatever
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