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yes a few have it higher, but on average it is not. Metacritic scores are higher for blur. For every argument you can always find a source for a counterpoint. Trying to force your point down someones throat by trying to be high and mighty about it and throwing Latin about isn't helping matters. I was looking to start discussion. And thats what we got. Is it the best? maybe, maybe not. Thus i made it a question, not a statement of fact. Going on about how i think it fails and i am dancing around trying to justify my purchase is just ignorant. Regarding "tactical depth", compared to Mario kart it is. Is it a hugely deep game, of course not. is it the best racer ever made? of course not. Is it one of the best so far this year? yes. Is something going to beat it? god i hope so, because it would only benefit gamers having more great games. I didn't want to belay the point that this game "owns" and everything else "blows" i was just trying to get a few people to try a game, which i think is damn fun. You want to play Mario kart, or Split second then more power too you.

Blur (pc) reviews at

Split/Second (pc) reviews at

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