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My System Specs


Thanks for the quick replies!

Originally Posted by gomer View Post
you could try throwing some pumps and rads into the system but im pretty sure the oil doesnt transfer the heat as well as water so you'd have to go overkill on rads if you want a 24/7 cooling solution.
I thought I may have to do this.. so it looks like a lot more money needs to go into it yet before I really get cracking on it. The tank I have is 20 litre, so it's plenty big, but I figured I'd need to get a rad for cooling purpouses, maybe I'll try without for the first bit and see where it takes me. Nothing is really doing to be stressed since its just a HTPC, and also I'll be only using it when I'm watching TV/movies and what nots, so mostly 4hrs a day max.. If need be I think 3 x 120mm rad should be enough??

Originally Posted by Eldonko View Post
Might help --> Custom PCs by Puget Systems; Mineral Oil Submerged Computer
Could always pump the oil thru a rad if you want cooler temps.
Thanks for the link Eldonko, I'll definitely be reading though that tonight and see if it helps!
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