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i looked into this a while back. and from what i remeber mineral oil doesnt transfer heat very well.

it will keep it cool enough but not for continous use situations, once all the oil heats up its pretty much useless.

you could try throwing some pumps and rads into the system but im pretty sure the oil doesnt transfer the heat as well as water so you'd have to go overkill on rads if you want a 24/7 cooling solution.

as for the gpu you would want to strip it and put in an aftermarket cooler aswell as on the cpu ofcoarse.

if you do try this make sure you get a big aquarium the more oil you put in the longer it all takes to heat up and the better off you'll be and if you do a rad set up make sure your pulling oil from the top of the aquarium (hottest) running it through the rads and then pumping into the bottom (coolest) for the best results.
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