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This is brilliant advice, I started about 2 months ago, my budget was great untill I had to transfer half of it to pay for car repairs. During the time when I was spending money, I measured and double measured every thing for the custom parts, trawled through countless sites for prices and reviews to find the best value to ensure I was getting the best quality (in my mind) at the best price with the best aftersales too.

I have recieved about half the stuff I need for my set up but have not got enough essentials to make anything in the way of a cooling loop and wont have until I get the money from the car back.

In the mean time though I have tested my pumps with spare tubing, sealed the tubing I am going to use ready for sterilization and tested manifolds, reservoirs and fittings to see how they perform as this is the first water cooling set up for me.

I am glad I have taken my time over this as mistakes can be very costly and, at a time when many of us have been made reduntant, money is not something to be squandered when food and bills need to be paid.

Hopefully I will have my setup complete by the end of summer and will be able to post some photos up here and put up how much it cost and what an be re-used in future systems (remember when buying stuff - what can be re-used in new systems, what is re-sellable and what will be scrapped during upgrades).
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