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Default Apple "attacks" developer after he bad-mouthed apple

YouTube - Apple Attacked Me and My Network For Telling the Truth, Using Safari Browser

A developer and youtube guru who started his youtube educational page, where he teaches flash, web building, and PHP among other things. He has over 3 million views and 15,000 subscribers despite only starting up in 2008. Been watching his videos since he started up, he is a really nice person - until he made this video a few weeks ago where he called out apple for trying to create monopoly in the mobile world.

Here is the video of him bad mouthing Apple.

YouTube - Geek News: Apple Fail and HTML 5 Not Replacing Flash

Now the flash based content on his websites no longer works on the safari browser, as demonstrated in his videos. However, the same flash content will still work on other websites. Only his personal network of websites are effected.

Seems pretty legit to me.
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