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Default Llama's Super Awesome Case Mod of...awesome?

[Planning Stage]

Ok, as a few of you know, once it warms up I'm planning to do my very first case modding EVER, and it's not going to be any easy task. Now, you may ask; "Why start with something complicated Robert", well, I'll tell you so listen up! My current rig decided it wanted to say "Screw you" and give me every possible problem known to man kind, and right now, it looks kinda, well, gutted. Hell, there is two PSU's on the thing right now, and ones sitting on the floor!

To be truthful, this idea started out with me looking for a new case, and I started thinking about what the hell am I going to do with two cases (My Current 3D Aurora and Antec P180), and thats when the little light bulb turned on! Why not splice the two together, thus, making my tall case even taller, but yet, if done currently, would allow to me not only install my water cooling internally, but neaten up things ALOT. Not only am I doing that, but I'm also completely replacing the Plexiglas that goes with the Aurora with a higher quality piece, which I'll be engraving "Llama_egg" into, as well as (possibly) painting the inside of the case a flat black (still not sure if I'm going to do this or not) so as you can tell, I have alot of work ahead of me.

To help understand things, I made 2 VERY quick pictures to try and show what I'm planning to do with the two cases and how I intend to hook the rad in. These pictures really do nothing to show my Photoshop skills -_-

RED - Antec
BLACK - 3D Aurora
BLUE - Rad

The two cases and the rad

Once again, the same 3 parts, but to show the main idea of how they will fit together

Ok, so the reason why the P180 looks so short is because I'll literally be cutting the case in half. The bottom area which holds the PSU and HDD's will be what I'll be taking and attaching to the Bottom of the Aurora. This will be done by cutting a hole in the middle of the bottom of the Aurora, thus allowing wires to go through, and the two parts will be bolted together, as I don't feel like buying a welding gun, and it allows to separate the two if I need to.

Probably some time tomorrow *looks at clock* err...later today after work I'll do a side diagram to show you how I intend the wiring and tubing to look, to better make it obvious what I'm doing.

Now, thing's I need to get my hands on before I can begin this project (as I stated, this is only the planning stage at the moment, it probably won't actually go underway for another month as I need it to warm up so I can work outside) as I'm conveniently tooless. I'm serious, I literally only have a knife and screwdriver, which might I add, would make it quite hard to mod this case!

Crap...err...Canadian Tire

Dremel + Bits
Screws, bolts ext

Somewhere else XD

Black tygon
Red addictive
EK 8800GT Full body Waterblock
Plexiglas (x by X, to lazy to measure right now XD)
750-1000w PSU (I'll be going with Either PC Power and Cooling or Silverstone)

I think that's everything XD
Speaking of stuff I need to get, it would be most helpful if someone could help me find three of the items on there. First is a place to pick up Black Tygon, I would prefer a Canadian retailer, but if that's not possible, a good retailer in the US. Second, does anyone know any ACTUAL red UV addictive? I mean really, I have a bottle of the D-Tek Fire Red, but hell, that's stuff pink? I was looking at Fluid XP, but apparently it has the same problem. Now last but not least, anyone know where it's possible to pick up Plexiglas? I've never had to really buy any before, so yeah, I have no idea.

Anywho, I shall be updating this later! :3
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