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My System Specs


Originally Posted by jdrom17 View Post
Very interesting. I'd like to see some battery life testing too. Does that 8-cell fit all internally without extending outside of the chassis? Also what's the price and where did you buy it?

Either way, looks like a good replacement for my aging XPS m1330. Could use a little more horsepower!

It's all plastic though it seems? That's a downer for me, but since you say it's solid it might be alright. Also are most surfaces that you'd touch non-glossy? I hate seeing fingerprints all over the place.

The battery does fit all internally so it is just as smooth as the 6 cell. As for price I ended up paying $939, but I'm sure you could find it for a little cheaper. I actually got it through the bookstore at the UofA as it has staff payroll deductions.

No it is not all plastic, the palm rest is aluminum as well as the top. Around the keyboard is plastic and so is the bezel around the screen. As for fingerprints I am in the same boat, I hate seeing them everywhere and that is one of the reasons I got this one, you don't see them. There is really only one little spot and that is the button for the touch pad.

As for battery life testing, I'm going to be starting a couple tests tomorrow, they will not be the most scientific but should be able to give you an idea of what to expect.
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