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Question Re-Seat Cooler on 8800GTA (G92)?

Since I like the dual-slot cooling setup of my G92 GTS, and the fan is decently quiet, I don't want to change to an aftermarket cooling solution. I like the air to exit outside of my case, not inside. But I am not thrilled with the temps I am seeing on the card under load. They are below the "holy crap" range by far, but I think they could still be better.

I have thoroughly read every review on the GTS I could find (including the one here), and there are several that mention the poor quality of the heatsink and the way it contacts the GPU. And I don't want to lap the heatsink (since I am NOT inclined for that sort of job at all, tbh).

So my question is whether or not I would see any worthwhile improvement in the stock cooler's performance if I removed it and added some AS5 or AC MX thermal compound? Or will that just not be worth the effort (17 screws to remove if I remember correctly LOL)? Opinions?

EDIT: Sorry about the error in the subject ('GTA' should be 'GTS'), but I can't seem to edit the subject.
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