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Originally Posted by 71Baker View Post
Hi all. First time poster , long time fan of Hardwarecanucks.

As the title says , i bought a cheap Radeon 5750, the manufacturer's name is Vero Graphics.
I figured , well its cheap so what the heck...

Came home and i found something i haven't seen in a long time. A Gfx card with no extra powercoupling!

I googled it , found nothing, Went to Vero graphics homepage , found nothing , nothing more than their recommendation to use 2 pci-express connectors for this card.. 8) I think they just made a generic page for all of their cards as their picture shows no connector either...

Anyway , i plugged it in to see if it worked and if it was indeed a 5750, installed new drivers and , well , i can't see anything wrong with it , it has worked now for like 2 months and not even one hangup in even long gaming-sittings.

Could this be correct? Does any other manufacturer sell cards w.o pci-x conn ?

And finally , could i run this in Crossfire? The outside of the box says it has CrossfireX Technology , there is the regular CF connectors on the top end of the card and so on...

From what i have read 5750 has a really low power consumption but really , THAT low ?

Edit: I have since i posted this put in info of the rest of my computer in my system specs

never heard of the company up here.

may be a lower powered unit. drop everest or gpuz and check clocks.

your cards page says

HD5750 -VERO™ launch the Radeon HD 5750 with complete DirectX 11 support and the world’s most advanced graphics, display and memory technologies.
Product Specification
• Graphic Processor: ATI Radeon®HD5750
• Memory: DDR5 1GB
• Memory Interface: 128Bit
• Core Clock: 850 MHz
• Memory Clock: 4800 MHz
• Output: VGA + DVI
• Bus Type: PCI-Express 2.0 x16

from hexus

from tpu :

9600 GT
HD 4830
HD 4770
GTS 250
HD 4850
HD 5750
HD 4870
HD 5770
Shader units 64640640128800720800800
Transistors505M 956M826M754M956M1040M956M1040M
Memory Size512 MB 512 MB 512 MB 1024 MB 512 MB 1024 MB 512 MB 1024 MB
Memory Bus Width 256 bit 256 bit 128 bit 256 bit 256 bit 128 bit 256 bit 128 bit
Core Clock650 MHz 575 MHz 750 MHz 738 MHz 625 MHz 700 MHz 750 MHz 850 MHz
Memory Clock900 MHz 900 MHz 800 MHz 1100 MHz 993 MHz 1150 MHz 900 MHz 1200 MHz

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