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Default Help! My Radeon 5750 doesn't have any PCI-X Power conn. Can i CF?

Hi all. First time poster , long time fan of Hardwarecanucks.

As the title says , i bought a cheap Radeon 5750, the manufacturer's name is Vero Graphics.
I figured , well its cheap so what the heck...

Came home and i found something i haven't seen in a long time. A Gfx card with no extra powercoupling!

I googled it , found nothing, Went to Vero graphics homepage , found nothing , nothing more than their recommendation to use 2 pci-express connectors for this card.. 8) I think they just made a generic page for all of their cards as their picture shows no connector either...

Anyway , i plugged it in to see if it worked and if it was indeed a 5750, installed new drivers and , well , i can't see anything wrong with it , it has worked now for like 2 months and not even one hangup in even long gaming-sittings.

Could this be correct? Does any other manufacturer sell cards w.o pci-x conn ?

And finally , could i run this in Crossfire? The outside of the box says it has CrossfireX Technology , there is the regular CF connectors on the top end of the card and so on...

From what i have read 5750 has a really low power consumption but really , THAT low ?

Edit: I have since i posted this put in info of the rest of my computer in my system specs

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