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Originally Posted by BootlegUsher View Post
Hey, speaking of multiple rails vs single rails, Antec has their own "PSU myths busted" on their site right now. Their article goes against the grain and says that multiple rails is better than single rail. It is surprisingly in depth and has a bunch of numbers and diagrams to back up their claims, although I can't say I understood it all.

Antec PSU

I am pretty confident that my M12D is the best of both worlds, since it has two rails. More then one, but nothing crazy like six.
There is a lot of misleading information and half-truths in that article, but it is correct in saying that a multi-rail design with OCP is better than a single-rail design without OCP.
Originally Posted by _dangtx_ View Post
virtual rails or something that give up to a certain amount than 'unite' to give more is the best.
That doesn't exist. If the rails "unite" then it is really just a single-rail design without OCP, and that is certainly not the best.
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