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Originally Posted by Zero82z View Post
That is incorrect. The XFX PSU is EXACTLY the same as the 850W M12D except for the fact that the OCP was removed to turn it into a single-rail unit. And there are no design flaws with either one. Coil (not capacitor) whine is an issue that can occur with any PSU and any hardware configuration. Though it can be annoying, it's also not harmful.
I have an M12D, I got it for 120 and free shipping so I jumped on it. It makes a high pitched noise when my computer is off, not crazy loud, but loud enough that if I listen for it I can hear it. Are you saying that the power supply is perfectly fine functionally despite the whining? I was planning on upgrading my case soon and I was going to use the time to send my PSU back to get a non-whining one, but it sounds like you are saying that the new one will probobly whine as well due to my hardware, right?
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