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My System Specs


Originally Posted by ilya View Post
That's 1/20 reviews...
The thing is, even though he was approved for RMA, pretty much EVERYBODY buying from NCIX is.
It could've been one faulty unit out of twenty, but that's only 5%, pretty good for such a small sample size.
It also could have been incompatibility with a GPU/mobo's mosfets. (I remember someone posting about certain Gigabyte mosfets being incompatible with most Seasonic made PSUs)

I wouldn't pass up buying a good unit for just that one review with no further evidence. I'd at least look into it a bit more.

On a side note the Seasonic X series have been dropping in price lately, the lowest price for the 650 watt was about $143 and the 750 watt was $155 IIRC. I'd go with one of these if you don't need the full 850 watts. But if you do, they don't have overload protection and can actually output a good bit more than their rated spec (due to overspec'ed components) but I wouldn't recommend that for 24/7 use.
The Seasonic X-series is looking great. 80PLUS Gold, full modularity, single rail, very quiet. It's definitely the PSU I'm recommending most readily these days. I believe you have the choice between 2x EPS and 2x 6+8 pin PCIe (you can have one of each, then one more of either), should be plenty for your setup.

On-topic, I've heard stories of the squealing M12Ds, but I've never used one myself. It seems like Seasonic would have taken action to correct the problem if there was such widespread dissatisfaction with the product.
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