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Default Seasonic M12D 850 flawed?

NCIX has this beast of a PSU for $129 on sale this week. It's also a $5.99 ground shipping promo. - Buy Seasonic M12D 850W EPS12V 20/24PIN ATX Modular Power Supply Active PFC 80PLUS 8PIN PCI-E 120MM Fan - M12D-850W In Canada.

It's the Seasonic M12D 850.

It seems to be an awesome deal and I almost bought it in a heartbeat. now, also on NCIX forum, I read on customers NOT happy with it and complaining about this PSU being NOISY...something about coilwhine of sorts...

Obviously they aren't selling because with a deal like that they would've been gone if it wasn't for the capacitor high-pinch noise....they still have at least 10 in stock....tells me that people hesitate....that being said, the regular price of $250 explains why they don't USUALLY sell at regular price.

The thread:
NCIX FORUMS - High pitch noise - Seasonic M12D 850W EPS12V 20/24PIN ATX M...

It's pretty sad, because I would've bought it, I mean legendary Seasonic quality....for $129 and also giving me an upgrade path.
Is it possible that NCIX is accepting to be an "outlet" to sells flawed products (got a bargain from Seasonic to get rid of these) or just a coincidence/shyte-happens kinda deal?

I'm also looking at the XFX 750/850 black (also Seasonic-built) and the Silverstone strider plus 850 (reviewed here and called a "holy grail" for price-perf-quality ratio).

The only thing that bothers me is that the Silverstone DOESN'T have a on/off switch....seems kinda weird.
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