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My System Specs


Originally Posted by AmuseMe View Post
I wanna see the sleeving.
Ill post some tmmrw im drinking now and I still need to confirm conductivity in a less drunk state and patch my soldering points.

But ya they look good there fricking small and .08 is the wire if I remem correctly hard to be precise any mistake is amplified.
For the record I am in no way a man that is nimble in fingers lol I got stubby lil farmer fingers lmao.

Idk if you used memory lighting but it gives ya x amount of lights per channel of memory 6 for me so 6 leads onto 1 circuit cause I aint doing 6 separate buttons lol

For the record my flash made the sleeving translucent and those lights are actully 1/3 of a dime

Anything over 4 wires is getting the Wasp treatment

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