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Dancing_Banana Got the iPad.

Well I got mine shipped to me this afternoon. Been on it since 2pm and it still has battery power left although almost dead. I haven't had it for long enough to give a full review of it but I am LOVING IT!

I haven't got all my accessories yet either. Still waiting for the camera connection kit and my case from Quirky.

I did get a blue-tooth keyboard and using that to type but the onboard keyboard is still pretty good. I got 2 different accessories to connecting to a monitor or t.v.

Using the iPad on the t.v. is o.k. It only works in a few apps like for videos. Haven't tried it for anything else.

I jailbroke my iPad the minute I got it. Backgrounder works so you can have any app in the background. Also added a few extra features that should have been in the iPad in the first place.

I have spent most of the time just fooling around and playing games.

iBooks and kindle are too must have apps. iBooks for Canada only has a small selection right now but there are a lot of free books. I got the Winnie the Pooh, The Art of War, and the Three Musketeers. Books are great on this. Very easy to read and so far hasn't stress my eyes. I also got the lite version of the Alice book. Crazy book.

I also love the Marvel app. There are several free comics and but I only tried the Iron Man comic. Very beautiful and love it.

Air Video is an awesome app. It allows you to stream videos from your PC to the iPad even over 3G. I only have the wifi version though. For some reason you can't tether the iPhone with the iPad so maybe I will have to find a jail brake app that will do this. The iPhone works just fine tethering for a laptop.....

I have tried out a bunch of games and so far love them. Labyrinth, Real Racing, Plants vs Zombies, X Plane, Virtual Pool, Zen Bound 2, Zombieville, Nova, Mirrors Edge, Red Alert, Civilization, Field Runners are all games that I have tried so far. They are all great games.

My whole family wants one now. I also had some relatives come over because they wanted their laptop fixed. Well they had a small child and she played on the iPad for 2 hours straight. She is 4 years old and easily picked up the controls of the iPad. She read a bit of Alice, Winnie and played a few games. She played Labyrinth 2 for over an hour straight. She wants one now lol.

Movies and youtube look pretty good on here. The volume of the speakers is very good though could use more bass :p.

So far I love the iPad and I think it is exactly what I wanted.

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