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Originally Posted by 0o0 View Post
Doesn't work like that, as I've already mentioned in previous posts.
How so? If nVidia does make the better card taking into account Tessellation performance as you say it does, then why would people move from their high end GTX's to an ATI?

Originally Posted by 0o0 View Post
I don't think this would have been an entirely smart move. If nvidia did this, people who bought nvidia just for physx will be pissed off and their sales will DROP as everyone rushes to buy a ATI primary and a little cheap nvidia for Physx. People who say this is a 'good' move are... not very smart.

I hope nvidia doesn't unlock physx on ati rigs, it would be a horrible move and would probably kill the company. And feed the ATI fanboys.
Why would someone who bought an nVidia card be upset at this development? If a consumer has done their research, and made a satisfactory purchase, what reason would they have to buy an ATI card if PhysX was offered to the 'red side'. You've said it yourself that nVidia makes the better card anyways, so I'm sure nVidia will be able to stand on its two feet just fine, and maybe even make a couple extra sales from those who didn't buy their product. Or are you saying that nVidia's product is actually mediocre without PhysX, and cannot compete without the featue? I don't understand.

Fanboyism? I'm not seeing much here. There's people with ATI cards that want to run nVidia's technology, so that certainly doesn't reek of fanboyism. You don't strike me as a fanboy either, seeing as you've effectively said that nVidia wouldn't have a leg to stand on without PhysX.

If nVidia's financial viability in the graphics market actually depends upon PhysX, then they might as well just cede the market to ATI and Intel. Fortunately that isn't the case, and a move like this would not kill the company. Far from it. PhysX is a niche product, and sales related to it are minor in the grand scheme of things.

Originally Posted by 0o0 View Post
btw for those folks that think nvidia 'unlocked' physx on ati rigs because they're dieing... you guys are pessimists. It's hard to describe, it's like saying "hah, those chinese folks have flat noses because of the airbag!" when it's actually our genetics and have nothing to do with the cause you fool yourself into believing... though that's your decision to believe that, I just hope you guys don't contaminate the innocent minds of others with false information and spread it like a plague.
Talk about exaggeration. Not one post in this thread in any way mirrors your analogy. Heck, it was you that said that enabling PhysX with ATI would kill nVidia, not anyone else. Questions in this thread about nVidia's viability are suppositions, and are unfounded, just as the material in your posts are. We're 'not very smart?' Puh-leeeze.
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