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Originally Posted by 5ILVgeARX View Post
Let me ask you this, What is there that NVIDIA has that attracts people? What if physx was never there? What is the advantage of running a NVIDIA besides having physx?

Do you also notice all the advertising they're doing? Whats the point of seeing the NVIDIA symbol twice when you open a up a TWIMTPP game.

And oh yea, NCIX had 5 Fermi on sale one time. This is only the second month of NVIDIA's new shit. I guess shortage of supply has been met.

Don't forgot about that NVIDIA SLI license crap.
I really don't mind that kind of stuff (but I do mind Google stealing my privacy and information, and even still I use gmail). Physx is here though.... if it was never there, someone would have made it. I'm paying a bit more for a little chip nvidia installed beside the primary gpu for a better gaming experience, and I think it's worth it. Just because they advertise, doesn't mean they're evil... they have a different marketing method than ati, and I have nothing against that.

Damn akg is just soooo good with words lol, I think this is the first time I completely agree with his opinions
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