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Originally Posted by 0o0 View Post
I don't understand why everyone here is in favour of ATI as their primary gpu... I still use a gtx260 and I'm loving it better than the 5870 that I sold. If people want physx, then why don't they just buy a nvidia card? It's just stupid when they buy ATI and expect to have physx. I don't think this would have been an entirely smart move. If nvidia did this, people who bought nvidia just for physx will be pissed off and their sales will DROP as everyone rushes to buy a ATI primary and a little cheap nvidia for Physx. People who say this is a 'good' move are... not very smart.

I hope nvidia doesn't unlock physx on ati rigs, it would be a horrible move and would probably kill the company. And feed the ATI fanboys.
Let me ask you this, What is there that NVIDIA has that attracts people? What if physx was never there? What is the advantage of running a NVIDIA besides having physx?

Do you also notice all the advertising they're doing? Whats the point of seeing the NVIDIA symbol twice when you open a up a TWIMTPP game.

And oh yea, NCIX had 5 Fermi on sale one time. This is only the second month of NVIDIA's new shit. I guess shortage of supply has been met.

Don't forgot about that NVIDIA SLI license crap.
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