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Originally Posted by Zero82z View Post
I don't give a crap about nVidia's revenue. If they make a product that people want, they will buy it. Restricting their choices is a cheap ploy to increase sales because they are having difficulty competing otherwise. That's not my problem; my problem is trying to put together a system that fits my needs for a good price, and an all-nVidia rig does not fit my needs.
Cheap ploy is certainly one way to look at....but once again why do expect ANY company to give away ANYTHING to their competition, especially when they hate each other. Name any industry where you expect competitors to share and give up technological advances in the name of "fairness". You can be damn well certain if the shoe was on the other foot and ATI had guess right and NV wrong that ATI would NOT be allowing their proprietary tech to work with NV! You may not give 2 shites about their bottom line...but THEY do! Anything which can negatively impact that is by very definition a bad thing to them. Hell in the long run its a bad thing for us to. If ATI had everything....why would anyone buy NV? IF NV wasn't around crap would be bad. AMD has a proven track record of jacking up prices and milking advantages for all their worth (look at what they did with their X2's when Intel were crap). IF there was no competition...we would all be running ATI 5xxx series card for the next friggin decade.
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