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Originally Posted by Zero82z View Post
I don't give a crap about nVidia's revenue. If they make a product that people want, they will buy it. Restricting their choices is a cheap ploy to increase sales because they are having difficulty competing otherwise. That's not my problem; my problem is trying to put together a system that fits my needs for a good price, and an all-nVidia rig does not fit my needs.
Guess it's working. I'm sticking with nvidia, loving physx once again only thinking for yourself... just like how pc gaming is dieing because of the pirating paradox (cheapos pirate because they won't spend a cent, result higher game prices, result even more people pirate because they don't want to spend $50, result pc gaming dead), if you want everything for yourself and your wish came true, nvidia would die and no more physx. Maybe havok would take over or something, but that's a different thing. I'm enjoying physx while the going's good.

But dude, chill. There's always the driver hack you can fall back on, and this buggy driver
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