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Originally Posted by Zero82z View Post
No, you're wrong. The driver lock is a completely arbitrary restriction that does nothing but harm the consumer by restricting his choices. I'd love to have some nVidia cards in my upcoming 5870 rig so I can fold on them, but because of nVidia, I'm not able to do that.
Yea that's exactly what I was talking about. You guys aren't gonna get nvidia much revenue even though there are a lot of you guys, and there's always the temptation to go nvidia. OTOH if nvidia unlocks it, they would lose revenue from pissed of nvidia fanboys selling off their nvidia's and going ati. You're only thinking of yourself here...
Originally Posted by DokkRokken View Post
PhysX is still on the level of mere gimmickry in its current form, so why nVidia doesn't milk any possible sales gains from hocking some cheap-o GT240's is beyond me. Once they manage to make it something more worthwhile in the public's eye, then they can go back to making it a format reserved for those who run an nVidia system. They left Ageia users out in the cold, so it's not like they'll be all too worried about burning some ATI users.
Doesn't work like that, as I've already mentioned in previous posts.
Originally Posted by AkG View Post
The other way to look at it (and probably the way NV is) is why allow your competition to "leech" off your tech? Why would an enthusiast buy a high priced yet older NV tech (285 for example), when he get a cheap NV and a newer gen ATI which would be prolly the same total price yet be "faster" or at least "prettier". For the longest while ATI was the only one with 11 cards on the market. Doing this in combination with "it will be any month now" PR they had going for fermi, probably helped slow the hemorrhaging of green peeps to team red. By making it an "either / or" scenario it may have saved sales or cost ATI sales at the very least. Hell, even if only saved was probably worth it. If you want NV tech you need to run NV kit...exclusively. Seems reasonable. Scummy....but reasonable when looked at from a business POV.
Exactly what I was trying to say, worded 5 times better than I could have.
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